About the service

About the service - 1

The successful experience of construction of commercial and administrative buildings in Ukraine testifies to the high quality of services provided by our specialists. 

We pay special attention to:
–    obtaining permitting documents required for commencement enabling and construction works as well as during handover of the completely constructed object;
–    design documents for the performance of construction work so that it meets all the requirements of the law;
–    involvement of contractors with appropriate qualification certificates in the performance of certain types of work (when they are mandatory);
–    the use of building materials, products, and structures that meet state norms, standards, specifications, design solutions;
–    compliance with fire safety building regulations, accessibility for people with disabilities;
–    ensuring the reliability and structural safety of the object;
–    internal and external engineering equipment;
–    fixing discrepancies with design solutions during construction and eliminating recorded deviations.