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About service - 1

You can order construction and installation work in ALPHA Construction Ukraine as a separate service and as part of the general contracting service. The second option is more efficient because then we control all construction and are fully responsible for the timely delivery of the object. However, there are cases when our clients want to involve the company's specialists only for construction and installation work, and they have such an opportunity.

At this stage, ALPHA Construction Ukraine provides the following types of work:

Main construction works:
–    earthworks (digging of pits and ditches for separate supports, trenches for utilities, laying the strip foundation, transportation, and loosening of soil, planning, and excavation works, etc.), in particular in conditions of non-standard engineering-geological structure and soil properties;
–    fieldwork (pile driving or immersion, arrangement of pile foundations);
–    masonry (construction of walls, partitions, columns of various building materials);
–    concrete, reinforced concrete (construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures);
–    installation - delivery to the workplace and installation of steel, concrete, reinforced concrete, wood, glass, and other structures;
–    carpentry and joinery work are mostly related to the installation of windows, doors, boards, bars, and similar structures, as well as flooring and parquet floors;
–    roofing works become necessary when it comes to the arrangement of the roof (with or without attic) with the use of different roofing materials;
–    finishing - these include everything that helps to realize the idea of an interior designer (plastering, cladding, painting, wallpapering) using equipment or manually.